Field Notes

30 Days of Blogging: Halfway There

November 23, 2014 | In 30 days

This is post 15 of 30. 15 to go. I owe posts for a couple of nights where I was too mentally drained to write. Although I deliberately didn't commit to a post a day, I don't like to have them hanging over my head. Thanksgiving weekend will provide some catch-up time.

Overall I'm enjoying the project and meeting my goals. Articulating ideas forces me to reflect more. An unexpected benefit is the conversations it has inspired. Writing speed is still painful but has picked up with practice.

Most of my strategies from the last check-in didn't happen. Posts still take over an hour to write. Writing up presentation notes took much longer, especially making sure the gist examples are were correct and consistent. This week I'll try shorter posts. Gina Trapani says "if it's a paragraph, it's a post".

What's the writer's equivalent of a code smell? Whatever it's called, here's one: if I Google for better writing tools or ways to write faster, it's a sign of procrastination.

The idea file has been invaluable. My ideas are nowhere to be found when it gets late, but the topic backlog keeps them close to hand. Write Speak Code's speaking topic generation worksheet is a good exercise to seed the idea file.