Field Notes

30 Days of Blogging Begins

November 06, 2014 | In 30 days

My friend Andrew was interviewed on the Simple Daily Practice podcast. Andrew does tai chi every morning, and reflects on it daily in his blog. Listening to him speak about the way a regular practice unfolds and accumulates, who wouldn't want some of that? I've watched his writing style develop over the years and envied his accomplishments.

I've had an intention for ages to blog more, but it gets derailed by scope creep. Andrew recommends starting with a 30 day commitment. With a 30 day constraint, suddenly I have things to write about.

I'm further inspired by Kate Elliott, one of my favorite authors. Her NaNoWriMo rules are approachable.

The pledge:
30 blog posts, centering on programming and technical topics, by December 6.

The goals:

  • To reflect on and retain more of the material I take in every day. We learned in the Software Carpentry instructors workshop that reflection is what turns the competent practitioner into the expert.
  • To write more easily. Writing 750 words was torturous when I first tried it. After a month it was less daunting and took half as long.
  • To be able to find my notes when I run into the same coding problem a few months from now. Site search is a beautiful thing.

"You have more to write about than you think. But you won’t find out what it is until you start." -James Greig

Time to find out.