Field Notes

Boston Women in Technology Groups

November 13, 2014 | In 30 days

The Boston software community is thriving. There are several groups for women in tech.

Meetups and Monthly Events

Boston Ruby Women is one year old this month. It's an informal mix of discussion and hanging out, an opportunity to get to know others in the community. Are you thinking about attending a bootcamp like Launch Academy, General Assembly, Startup Institute, or Metis? Several members are alumnae and are happy to share their experiences.

PyLadies Boston One of the distinctive things about the Python community is how broad a range of professions it includes. PyLadies Boston reflects that range- scientists, librarians, teachers, and programmers. Monthly presentations, weekly project afternoons, and self-study groups. Beginners welcome.

Women Who Code organize monthly hack nights. Location varies, but they're often in the downtown or Fort Point area.

The Women's Coding Collective offers classes as well as presentations. The attendees include more small business owners and freelancers than I've seen in other groups. Correspondingly, the presentations have included more entrepreneurial topics than I've found in other groups.

Girl Develop It Bostonoffers four-week classes in HTML, Javascript, and programming. They organize regular code and coffee nights, and a couple purely social nights per year. The organizers cross-post interesting events from other groups on the Meetup site.

Girl Geek Dinners have gathered momentum. The format is networking, a few presentations, and more networking. I've seen some interesting talks here. The monthly events sell out quickly. Watch their Facebook page for announcements.


RailsBridge Boston is a free introduction to Ruby and Rails programming for women and their friends. We hold about three a year. They fill quickly too. Sign up for the announcement list to hear when registration opens.

Boston Python Workshop teaches Python programming to women and their male guests. The format is a hands-on self guided syntax tutorial in the morning, and a few small projects in groups in the afternoon.


These aren't local, but they're great and you should join.

DevChix is a Google Group. Always interesting.

Systers is a traditional mailing list, still going strong after 25+ years.


Know of another women in tech group in the Boston area? Leave a comment and I'll add it to the list.