Field Notes

Five Things I Learned Today

November 20, 2014 | In 30 days

  • Web Storm supports multiple cursors a la Sublime Text. Multiple cursors make the same edits at multiple locations simultaneously, like this:

  • The UNIX command ls -lt lists files in reverse chronological order by mod time.

  • I don't want to snap selfies every time I commit to git, but I can imagine a git hook to compliment or berate me for writing a target number of words or a daily post. The code is a nice example of capturing output from running commands. In two languages, no less.

  • iPython's interactive shell shows a function's documentation if you enter it with one question mark, and the function's code if you append two question marks.

  • MichelleFul gave an iPython Notebook demo that showed why people are excited about it. It'll be worth the effort to configure it to run locally. There's a natural language toolkit tutorial I've been itching to try.