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Project 2: Mini Notebook

July 16, 2015 | In Making

Project 2: mini-notebook


Dip into How To Make Books, an introduction to bookbinding.


The basic three-hole pamphlet is a single signature of 8 pages, sewn to a cover.

I recycled a note card by Punch Studio and some graph paper that has been kicking around for years. Heavy scrapbook endpapers, glued to the card, covered up the writing.

Here's the outside, looking all moody:

Single Signature Notebook

Sometimes I need graph paper to think properly.

Single Signature Notebook- inside

I substituted three lengths of heavy duty polycotton thread, run over beeswax, for waxed linen thread.


Short and sweet, this fit the bill for a simple starter project. It took 15 minutes to assemble. It was a good introduction to folding crisply and cutting straight edges. The sturdy notecard is holding up well in my backpack.