Field Notes

Summer Project: Ten Makings

July 14, 2015 | In Making

There's always something new to learn in tech, which is both exhilarating and exhausting. Lately the balance has tipped toward overload.

Physical projects - real, hands-on projects- have been a good antidote. An evening's effort produces a tangible and lasting result. And however it might be done better, if it Does The Thing then it's a success. Ship it.

Andrew issued the Maker Challenge at the beginning of summer. Andrew runs the design lab at a middle school, where he teaches hands-on projects in a variety of disciplines. Beyond problem solving and applying classroom lessons, design projects fuel insight and a sense of agency.

The Maker Challenge was perfectly timed. I had several ideas on hand when vacation started. I can't recall when I spent so little time at the keyboard. I came back recharged.

The rules include posting what we make. Links will appear below. Stay tuned.


1. storage box
2. mini notebook
3. robe
4. The zero-intimidation sketchbook: simple folded booklet
5. Mini notebook: stab stitch binding
6. Mini notebook: coptic binding
7 and 8. Lunch bag noir, versions 1 and 2
9. Shed!
10. An etymology-related programming project - too big for the scope of summer, but I'm well past 40 hours