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Disposable Components, Unicode, and Using Your Words

December 01, 2015 | In Talk Roundup

I watch a lot of conference talks. Too often, I don't have the link handy when I want to pass it on. I'm going to start writing regular roundups so they're close at hand.

Chad Fowler - Disposable Components

2014 Garden City Ruby keynote

Imagine if software behaved like biological systems that adapt to stay in balance. Individual components may be destroyed, but the organism's functionality survives. Fowler describes how they've emulated that at Wunderkinder. Sketchnotes: 1 2 3 4

Some day I'd like to work on a project with the sophisticated continuous deployment, monitoring, and componentization he describes. It sounds scary and exhiliarating, like building your own honey badger. Bad deploy? Honey badger's gonna pass out for a few minutes, then gets right back up. Honey badger don't care.

Ned Batchelder -Practical Unicode

Pycon 2012

Unicode is here. Five unavoidable facts and three tips to deal with it. Batchelder's explanations are always straightforward and clear. Sketchnotes: 1 2 3

I had a little run-in with encoding detection that led me to this talk. Facts 4 and 5 - so true.

Beth Dunn - How to Be a Writing God

Inbound Bold Talks

"Write ever day. Write like crap if you have to, but write every day." Regular practice works magic. Respect the streak, write every day.

This post counts as practice.

Beth Dunn - Use Your Words

Inbound 2015
Sage advice from Grandma: "Choose your words and use your words so they present the image you want to present." Ten specific changes to improve our writing. Sketchnotes: 1 2

I found Dunn's talks through Present! A Techie's Guide to Public Speaking. Her speaking style is relaxed and engaging. The slides for Use Your Words were classical paintings, something I've never seen before. Both talks show good presentation technique as well as useful content, worth studying.