Janet Riley


I'm a full-stack web applications developer at Cantina Consulting in Boston. Put in human terms, I make the brains behind websites for lots of projects.

Python is my go-to language, and I write a lot of server- and client-side Javascript. In the past I've used PHP, Java, and C++. I prefer dynamic languages, but appreciate having experience with static typing. More about that on LinkedIn.


I like to travel. I've visited 14 countries so far, 18 if we count airport stopovers. I hope to keep seeing new places.


Boston has a thriving tech community.

Are you hiring Python programmers? Would you like to make your pitch to ~100 talented potential candidates? I organize sponsors for the Boston Python Users Group. Let's talk!

Last year I taught a Software Carpentry workshop at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. In the past, I co-organized several RailsBridge Boston workshops, an outreach program that introduces women to programming in Ruby and Rails, and I've TA'd for Girl Develop It classes.

Teaching and presenting brought me to Toastmasters. Toastmasters teaches public speaking and leadership through a curriculum of small, achievable projects. Seeing all the formal business ceremonies — a gavel? they still make those? — I half-expected it to be an antique ceremonial lodge like the Flintstones Order of the Water Buffalos. Instead, I found a friendly bunch of people with diverse interests. This year I'm serving as club secretary.

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Contact me at hello@janetriley.net or here.


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