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I'm an experienced software engineer in the Boston area. My LinkedIn profile has more details.

Contact me at


I like to travel. I've visited 12 countries so far, 17 if we count airport stopovers. It looks strange to say that nowadays. I look forward to travel becoming normal again.

I lived abroad in 2010-2011. My travel blog from that time is at

I volunteered Angkor Hospital for Children, which provides free and low-cost health care in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I worked as a web applications programmer on their patient medical record system.

While preparing to go overseas, I won a month-long home stay in Lyon, France in the sponsor raffle at a travel event. My French family were welcoming and gracious hosts. I'm deeply thankful to them for opening their home and giving me a glimpse of everyday life in France.


Part of the fun of travel is new languages. I'm a language nerd too- I majored in in Latin and Ancient Greek (archaic syntax - great training for a software career), with a couple semesters of Japanese for variety. I learned a little Cambodian in Siem Reap. With my terrible accent, it was more useful as an amusing ice breaker than communication. I took classes at the Siem Reap Alliance Française before going to Lyon. French was much easier with the head start from Latin.


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