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Michael Lopp: Out Loud

Out Loud

Author: Michael Lopp


Tips on delivering a compelling presentation from Rands in Repose. Editorial choices, practicing out loud, consolidation, and timing.

Pixar in a Box

Pixar in a Box: the art of storytelling

Author: Pixar

Summary: A Khan Academy course. Pixar walks us through building stories, with an emphasis on movies. Character development, plot, reinforcing the story with visual choices, pacing, and making a pitch.

This recommendation was in an article on more compelling technical presentations. Not really a fit for the format and time limits of a tech talk, but still interesting.

Tanya Snook: Storytelling

Storytelling: Building Compelling Stories for Any Audience and presentation notes

Author: Tanya Snook

Excerpt: "This presentation explores storytelling at work. Not milk-and-cookies-time-around-the-campfire storytelling, but using storytelling methods to build and deliver messages in a compelling way. Using empathy to draw your audience in and help them to hear your message, and hopefully create a memorable experience in the process."