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I'm a full-stack web applications programmer. Put in civilian terms, I make the brains behind websites. In industry terms, I work with Python, Javascript, PHP, Java, and MySQL. You can see more about my career at LinkedIn.

I've been growing to like dynamically typed languages like Groovy and Python. I feel about them like I do about flying cars - great for me and my projects, but I'm still wary about how it works out when everyone uses them. My static typed background worries that someone's going to lose an eye. The flexibility is alluring, however. I also appreciate closures, list comprehensions, and being able to pass around functions.


I am a co-organizer for RailsBridge Boston, an outreach program that introduces women to programming in Ruby and Rails.

OpenMRS is the open source medical record software that I used in Cambodia. I've contributed code and documentation.

Past Work

Lycos, go get it! Lycos, go get it!

I worked on several products at Lycos and Gamesville during the Internet bubble, including Circles, Cinema, and Planet. The life of a web product is very short, and most are just memories now.


Gamesville's Jewel Thief