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Michael Lopp: How Not to Throw Up

How Not to Throw Up

Author: Michael Lopp


Practice endlessly and improvise. Practice beforehand until the content moves from the planning side of your brain to the other side.

During the presentation, adapt your manner to the the moment. Who's in the room? What's the energy level? Make room for them to participate.


"This article is about presentations, not content. Both are equally important, but I’m not here to help you write your content, I’m here to transform that content into a presentation that doesn’t suck."

"Confidence is going to come not when you memorize your slides, but when you move the content from one side of your brain to the other. Right now, your slides are sitting in the linear left side of your brain, the practical side. This is a fine place for the slides to be while you’re creating them, but before you get up on stage, you need to move them to the right side of your brain, the creative side. You need to be able to feel your slides."